Sponsorship Benefits

Download the 2016 sponsorship package

Drive to Deliver and Golf Social Merger 2016 SPONSOR PACKAGE

The new 2016 Sponsorship Package has been updated to reflect opportunities that both Drive to Deliver and Golf Social have enjoyed in the past. There are some new opportunities as well, including our “Networking Sponsor” or “Bumps on the Road Sponsor”.  Please review the package thoroughly, or call our office at 519-772-8787 to determine the level that best suits your company’s needs.

Listed below are some of the benefits our golf sponsors can expect:

Engage With Your Customers.

The Drive to Deliver and Golf Social Merger Tournament provides sponsors with a unique way to connect and interact with potential customers and generate powerful conversations that build awareness for your brand. This is an event that people talk about year-round, not just day-of.

Build Brand Buzz.

Creative, fun and engaging “Bumps on the Road” sponsorship will generate traffic to your website, buzz about your company, and engaging discussion with participants. It’s up to you to turn these people into customers!

Get Measurable Results.

With a unique hashtag (#GolfSocialWR), customized offers and your company’s existing analytics, you will be able to accurately measure the impact that the tournament generates for your business.

Extend Your Reach.

The tournament attracts highly influential and connected community leaders with diverse backgrounds and strong social networks. They will participate, they will engage and they will passionately share their experiences with your brand with their audiences. Your company benefits from this by being part of the conversation.

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