Event Info

We are excited to announce that twelve years of history will be combined with a unique and modern day event on Tuesday, May 17th, 2016 as the Drive to Deliver Golf Tournament in support of Community Support Connections—Meals on Wheels and More (CSC) merges with Golf Social!

By combining components of traditional golf with this non-traditional event, we’re adding more challenges, more networking opportunities and more lasting memories.

What should I expect from this new tournament?

This merger brings together two very different tournaments to create one – fusing together the best parts of both the Drive to Deliver Golf Tournament and Golf Social.

Drive to Deliver has been a huge success and has raised over $300,000 and subsidized more than 118,000 meals over the past 12 years. Golfers and sponsors have enjoyed connecting with friends year after year, participating in a silent auction, enjoying a sit-down dinner and much more.

Golf Social came into existence five years ago and rocked the local golf tournament scene with its crazy challenges, social activities and sharing of stories using social media. Just watch the video to see what we mean:

What we love about this merger is that the histories of Drive to Deliver and Golf Social will not be lost nor forgotten. We are so excited to start a new story as we blend the “flavours” of these tournaments together. Drive to Deliver participants can expect to see a lot of new faces and participate in more challenges and contests throughout the day. Golf Socialites will challenge Drive to Deliver golfers to compete for best cart and costume prizes, all while having access to an amazing silent auction and more. We can’t wait to see how this story unfolds!

Why should I play?

Aside from the “fun of the unknown” as two tournaments come together for a mash-up of a great time, all of this benefits Community Support Connections – Meals on Wheels and More, a local charity that works with over 600 volunteers who help us serve 6,494 seniors and adults with disabilities through programs including Meals on Wheels, transportation to medical appointments and free, gentle exercise classes. The funds raised from the tournament go towards our Meal Subsidy program ensuring some of our most vulnerable neighbours have access to a hot, nutritious meal regardless of their financial situation. With your support, we hope to reach even more clients.

When and Where?

The tournament will be held on Tuesday, May 17th, 2016 at Rebel Creek Golf Club located in Petersburg, Ontario.

Where can I register?

Call CSC’s office at 519-772-8787 and ask for Lauren Fargo at ext. 224 or email laurenf@cscmow.org. You can also download our 2016 Golfer Brochure here!

Be a part of the conversation! Reserve your spot today.

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